Primates in the Cave   INFRASTRUCTURES


Mammon’s Mantra


Small industries amalgamate

and streamlined now we operate:

outsource, downsize and automate.

Competition we obliterate.                      216


From this, huge profits emanate.

Stockholders hail the chief magnate:

a demigod we adulate

although he’s found to peculate.                          220


Since companies self-regulate  

their price tags tend to escalate

which leaves us all to contemplate

outstanding debts as they inflate.                         224


Big chain stores have funds to regrate

which helps us to potentiate.

False bargains interpenetrate

consumers who desiderate.                                  228


Some financiers prognosticate

on spending we should concentrate,

but others strongly intimate

it makes more sense to curb the spate.                232


On markets, punters speculate;

hope dividends quadruplicate.

A windfall we anticipate.

Our surplus needs we satiate.                               236


Though if the bank should designate

we’ve nothing to hypothecate

we need not rant and get irate.

Bankruptcy we can auspicate.                             240


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As leaders we just barely rate.

We narrowly habilitate.

By any means we dominate

with cover-ups like Watergate.               244


To rule supreme our one mandate.

Each one of us a potentate.

The world is ours we estimate.

The good that’s done we then negate.                 248


With colleagues we collaborate,

but treat the rest like excess freight.

We bully and manipulate

and choose not to negotiate.                                 252


Our custom to prevaricate:

an instinct in our genes innate.

Deception is a skill connate.

For these sins we will not lustrate.                      256


A lot of crap we fabricate,

reality we obfuscate,

the vital facts we expurgate

and falsehoods we enunciate.                              260


Unbridled greed we instigate.

Vast funds we misappropriate.

We take, but fail to compensate.

These acts we always exculpate.                         264


In question time equivocate

and with straight faces nuncupate.

Ignore those who interpellate.

Long-term goals we abominate.                          268


The voters we conciliate.

At conferences confabulate.

Amendments we intercalate.

In question time we hibernate.                             272


Opposing thoughts, we denigrate,

though like minds we can tolerate.

We love those who ingratiate

and help us to re-nominate.                                  276


Two fingers high that bifurcate

from all the crowds that execrate

this growing global feudal state

where overlords officiate.                                    280


Applied Energy                                                     back to top


All creatures that are vertebrate

must work until lungs crepitate.

The weekly grind we punctuate

with weekends that invigorate.               284


In fair times we could federate

in unions that would regulate

and make the bosses obligate

to wage scales, we would help prorate.               288


If wronged we could expostulate

and sweat shops we’d inactivate

until the bosses expiate

and profits fairly integrate.                                  292


As populations pullulate

and work places de-regulate

employers we propitiate;

the paymaster, a cold cheapskate.                        296


We now closely approximate

the slaves we used to castigate.

Our hands from hard work vesicate.

Taskmasters we calumniate.                                300


Our pay packets we calibrate

so, debt we don’t exacerbate

and bankers can’t expropriate

possessions that we aggregate.                            304


We hope that we can compensate

our incomes with a tax rebate

to partially alleviate

the bottom lines we rubricate.                             308


Employment ads fantasticate.

Remunerations they misstate.

Make false claims and interpolate.

The overtime they understate.                             312


Those of us that matriculate

hope that we’ll be a candidate

for jobs that we associate

with offices that coruscate.                                  316


Superb CV’s we paginate;

at interviews excogitate.

Our strengths we strongly iterate

and loyalty we predicate.                                     320


The unemployed in lines rotate.

We’ve exceeded our use-by-date.

This puts us in a dire strait.

Our self-worth it can vitiate.                                324


Mediacrity                                                             back to top


Airheads like to uncomplicate.

Our brain mass we choose to deflate;

elated to decerebrate;

delighted to decorticate.                         328


We’ve no need to sophisticate.

We’re happy with our heads hastate.

From branch to branch we brachiate

and treat life like a gala fête.                               332


The media all syndicate

In hopes ratings will triplicate.

Hyperboles we circulate.

Reality we underrate.                                           336


Truth, at times, we annihilate.  

In-depth news we abbreviate,

complex facts we adulterate,

and skewed views we disseminate.                     340


On gossip we exuberate.

Paparazzi we remunerate.

Remarks we can’t substantiate

bring libel suits to litigate.                                   344


Our minds we tend to passivate.

With partial news we corroborate

what we choose to communicate

to friends with whom we ideate.                         348


For hours we can vegetate;

in front of screens our eyes dilate.

Gulp down beers we refrigerate

then to the loo to micturate.                                 352


With TV sport we recreate.

When our team scores we much elate.

But should it lose we fulminate

so much we hyperventilate.                                 356


Late breaking news will indicate

infernos that incinerate,

hot lava flows that granulate,

skyscrapers that disintegrate.                               360


The internet’s a place to skate.

This labyrinth can fascinate.

A billion sites concatenate

while trying to dissimilate.                                  364


Towards sex sites we can deviate;

watch all and sundry copulate.

In skin flicks sadists flagellate

or on a face expectorate.                                      368


View sites where porn stars personate;

perform sex acts that consternate.

Contortions that necessitate

the Karma Sutra to translate.                               372


Finger nails girls variegate.

With flair and poise they exuviate.

Seductive lips they miniate

imply they’re happy to fellate.                             376


To further help our glands pulsate

on social sites we acclimate.

With words we can impersonate;

be anyone we stipulate.                                        380


No one need know we’re overweight

or suffer from a weak prostate.

Ourselves on-line we re-create

without the flaws our friends berate.                   384


Our strengths we can accentuate

without need to authenticate.

These strangers to whom we narrate

will never meet us tête-a-tête.                              388


As bloggers we can validate

views that others repudiate.

On points of fact pontificate

and generally, just ventilate.                                392


Our hard disks over-populate

with games designed to scintillate.

Their hardness levels we gradate:

some easy, some infuriate.                                   396


Into strange scenes we immigrate

where avatars peregrinate.

We meet fierce foes sent to frustrate.

Our goal is to reciprocate.                                   400


These scoundrels we must obviate,

but countless duels end in stalemate.

To cyber-hell we relegate

slain zombies who then duplicate.                       404


When losing we vociferate

and seek to disaffiliate.

We check the scores to correlate

then shun the game and terminate.                      408


It’s hard to differentiate

what’s real and what we just conflate.

Our lives just seem to emulate

the fiction we prefabricate.                                  412


In Practice                                                             back to top


Our legal systems formulate

that law and order permeate.

Authorities investigate.

With victims we commiserate.               416


False clues often exasperate,

mistakenly may implicate,

but new facts then illuminate;

those wrongly charged they vindicate                 420


As villains we’re invertebrate.

Our skills we overestimate.

In flawed plans we miscalculate

and leave clues that incriminate.                         424


Escapes we must precipitate

and so, we fast flee interstate.

Our lairs police triangulate

to capture and incarcerate.                                   428


Appointed is a magistrate

to manage and adjudicate

with ranks of lawyers to debate

and juries to incorporate.                                     432


So, trials we co-ordinate.

Grave charges we effectuate.

The purpose is to criminate

the lawbreakers we derogate.                               436


Next prosecutors postulate

the prisoner is a reprobate

and further we insinuate

he’s only good for fishing bait.                            440


Defence then tries to demonstrate           

some factors that extenuate.

The jury must appreciate

this miscreant’s a retardate.                                  444


In closing, lawyers inculcate

the jury to exonerate. 

But prosecutors perorate

a guilty verdict, actuate.                                       448


The twelve jurors then sequestrate.

We’re told not to discriminate;

the gory details explicate

and evidence evaluate.                                         452


Behind closed doors we altercate;

decide the fate of this ingrate.

The heinous crimes we quantitate.

The rights from wrongs we calculate.                 456


For hot tea breaks we impetrate. 

All facts we recapitulate.

Choose one to intermediate;

the verdict to articulate.                                       460