Primates in the Cave   GLOBAL INTERACTION


Planet Plunder 


Whole forests we defoliate.

Grand old-growth trees chainsaws truncate.

Our lush wetlands we desiccate.

Green grasslands we deracinate.             464


With muck our rivers constipate.

Our reservoirs now exsiccate.

Vast oceans we contaminate.

Once pristine lakes coagulate.                             468


Hectares of woods we conflagrate,

replaced with fields we irrigate

and grossly over-cultivate

to grow peas that we dehydrate.                          472


Our farms we supersaturate

with kilos of superphosphate,

encourage plants to pollinate,

but spray so they don’t verminate.                       476


Huge dams cause valleys to hydrate.

These lakes now form a new substrate

where bees no longer bombilate

and birds cannot nidificate.                                  480


The polar ice shelves fractionate.

Warm air won’t let them regelate.

For fur, seals we excoriate

in numbers that depopulate.                                 484


In jungles hunters ambulate

and rifle sites we collimate.

The loud shots discombobulate;

rare beasts we incapacitate.                                 488


Huge schools of fish we desquamate,

we fillet and we decollate.

Their egg sacs we evaginate:

indulge ourselves on roe ovate.                           492


Crustaceans with claws serrulate

are dredged up by the hundredweight.

Then cooked ’til pink, cookbooks notate.

Their limbs we disarticulate.                                496


Grain fed pigs we eviscerate.

Their limbs and head we obtruncate

The unctuous lard, machines quadrate.

Pork crackling, we decrepitate.                            500


The cries of sheep arpeggiate.

We slaughter and exsanguinate.

The meat with herbs we impregnate.

For warmth their wool we flocculate.                 504


Plump poultry we decapitate.

Their eggs we transilluminate.

Internal glands we levigate;

chopped liver pâté on a plate.                              508


Tame cattle herds we decimate.

Our feet their skins encapsulate.

The meat in wine we marinate

then char it on a barbie grate.                               512


Leeched soils slowly salinate.

Our drinking water we filtrate.

The air fouled with particulate

from gases that we generate.                                516


The green groups that we delegate

to save, restore and depurate,

with vigour they expostulate

and on our wrongs expatiate.                               520


Developers conglomerate

and politicians defalcate.

Protection bills are edentate.

Their strength to change we overrate.                  524


It’s right to decontaminate.

Polluters: disincorporate.

But tricky to vaticinate

when that age we’ll denominate.                         528


Much wildlife we devastate

as habitats attenuate.

Extinction rates we festinate.

All sanctity we violate.                                        532

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Ends to Means     


Around the world we navigate,

inclined to want to subjugate.

Those allied we legitimate.

The others we vituperate.                       536


Endless treaties to seriate

as our alliances fluctuate.

When all else fails we spoliate

with swarms of weapons sagittate.                      540


Satellites circumnavigate

with solar panels aureate.

Antenna clusters decussate

at altitudes that de-aerate.                                    544


Our job to disambiguate

and sovereign states impenetrate

in order to predestinate

how best our foes to urticate.                               548


In vales that gently undulate,

in forests where winds susurrate,

in streets that pavers tessellate

we have no qualms to militate.                            552


In deserts where winds triturate,

in fields canals reticulate,

in lands oceans peninsulate

we’re likely to extravagate.                                 556


Our missiles poised to extirpate.

All life, with death, we saturate.

The past we foully desecrate.

The future we appropriate.                                  560


Despite how much some remonstrate

we force our foes’ lives to mutate.

Dear valuables we confiscate.

The hearts and minds we lacerate.                       564


Surreptitiously we jugulate.

The innocent we inculpate.

Reward those that tergiversate

and those that don’t we immolate.                       568


Mass graves the tractors excavate.

Distorted corpses in a crate.

Still, others in the dirt prostrate:

our bodies bullets perforate.                                572


Shocked parents yowl and ululate;

their children’s screams full resonate,

at least those that resuscitate.

The rest authorities cremate.                                576


Crushed prisoners we interrogate,

we prod and poke and fustigate.

The enfeebled we emasculate

just purely to humiliate.                                       580


In dark cells souls etiolate.

Such actions families deprecate.

We plead, but captors objurgate

with no desire to placate.                                     584


Appendages are placed pronate

and currents through them commutate.

Then once allowed to transmigrate

each soul becomes a runagate.                             588


The conquerors self-coronate

and place upon a stereobate

stone statues to commemorate

their triumph to dissimulate.                                592


The victors’ actions indurate

the hearts of those who emigrate.

Our loathing we’ll not modulate

nor with these raiders mediate.                            596


So, refugees expatriate.

Passports officials annotate.

We hope that at some future date

we exiles can repatriate.                                      600


Some stateless won’t habituate

and choose to dissociate:

displaced, forced to evacuate,

clandestinely perambulate.                                  604


Of those some will retaliate;

procure potassium nitrate

and timers that can detonate

homemade bombs meant to deflagrate.               608


Vengeance we premeditate

and gracelessly recriminate.

We’re not inclined to sublimate.

We’re maggots that engorge on hate.                  612                                                                 


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