Primates in Plato's Cave   TRANSITIONS   


Soul Salve


We’ve ample gods to venerate

who don’t much help us mitigate

transgressions that we perpetrate:

the evils that we machinate.                    616


Whatever faiths we nominate

have sacred laws we promulgate

and rituals we orchestrate

in temples that we consecrate.                             620


For help, to gods we invocate.

In chorus skyward, we phonate.

Our ills we pray to palliate.

Of ancient times we’re derivate.                          624


Good Catholics transubstantiate.

Our God divine we trifurcate.

In churches we conglobulate.

The Testaments we indagate.                               628


The Pope lives in his city-state.

Archbishops wield rods uncinate.

These chaste men of the First Estate

reluctant to impropriate.                                      632


Profane we excommunicate,

The zealot strives as an oblate.

From Protestants we segregate

because they consubstantiate.                              636


Jews are the chosen, we orate.

Observe laws of the rabbinate.

Once baby boys attain day eight

Their pink foreskins we amputate.                      640


Towards Mecca Muslims supplicate.

The Qur’an we transliterate.

Obey codes of the Imamate.

A kaleidoscopic caliphate.                                   644


All Buddhists calmly meditate.

Round prayer wheels circumambulate.

Protesting monks self-immolate:

consuming flames asphyxiate.                             648


Hindus seek to reincarnate.

A wealth of gods we animate.

At Thaipusam we celebrate.

Bad karma’s bound to ruinate.                             652


Zoroastrians to fire relate.

Quakers prefer to rusticate.

To Taoists opposites equate.

Hari Krishnas tintinnabulate.                               656


Rastafarians all cantillate

that Selassie is God incarnate.

Fundamentalists don’t innovate.

With nature Wiccans affiliate.                             660


Astrologers read charts stellate.

Black Pagans tend to imprecate.

Good witches mix up mithridate.

Empaths seek spirits discarnate.                          664


Creationists all intonate

and piously asseverate

God, from clay, did agglutinate

the man from whom we’re all agnate                  668


Charismatics in tents jubilate.

Agnostics for hard proof we wait.

J’s Witnesses just irritate

with door knocking that won’t abate.                  672


And Atheists extrapolate,

The universe is insensate.

Religions only dissipate

our skills to ratiocinate.                                       676


Curling Up                                                            back to top


In time old age will inundate.

Our bodies it will antiquate.

Vitalities deactivate,

Decay fails to de-escalate.                      680


Employment we must abrogate.

Our positions bosses subrogate.

We’re made to superannuate.

Sent home where we deteriorate.                         684


When young we fail to cogitate

at some point we will culminate.

To think we might decelerate;

beyond us to deliberate.                                       688


Thought processes degenerate.

Ideas fragment and divagate.

Confusing notions agitate.

A focused view we can’t locate.                          692


Yet further still we enervate.

Spent legs inclined to vacillate.

From side to side our spines librate.

To stand we need a strong helpmate.                   696


Translucent skins become bullate.

Green crusty scabs appear crispate.

Landscapes of pimples pustulate.

Thick yellow liquids suppurate.                          700


Internal leaks of exudate

as white blood cells extravasate.

Bruised tired eyelids nictitate.

Blurred cloudy eyes obnubilate.                          704


Flawed organs deoxygenate.

Dry scaly windpipes ulcerate.

We sound like snakes that sibilate

and grasshoppers: they stridulate.                        708


Dim hearts commence to fibrillate

so, doses doctors metricate

in quantities we manducate

to help our thin blood inspissate.                         712


On screens our life signs oscillate.

From wires we can’t separate.

Both forearms pale and supinate

are pierced with needles subulate.                       716


Our bedside nurses imbricate

a host of charts that adumbrate

while guts, surgeons invaginate

and arteries inosculate.                                         720


Facilities they sanitate.

Lungs, plastic tents oxygenate.

Down our throats doctors intubate.

The rot they try to isolate.                                    724


Still further we debilitate.

No known cure will emancipate.

On what has passed we ruminate.

To change things now is way too late                  728


Blood relatives don’t hesitate

to make the point that they’re cognate.

They want the sick to die testate

and gift all assets at probate.                                732


Detached physicians dissertate

as final stages depredate.

For paddles they gesticulate;

one last try to defibrillate.                                    736


There’s no chance we’ll recuperate.

No way will we regenerate

and awesomely eliminate

the ailments that emaciate.                                   740


Accept raw facts; we’re in checkmate.

All thoughts of life subordinate.

From mortal coils extricate.

The humming flatlines liberate.                           744


Candide’s Lament                                                back to top            


We dance in circles, hands palmate,

like marionettes with heads nutate.

Opinions we’re loathe to update;

spewed out in public tongues vulgate.    748


Our world view we pixelate.

Those different we invalidate.

Those like us we accommodate;

reluctant to desegregate.                                       752


Resistant to acculturate

and biases deconcentrate.

False gods we don’t deconsecrate.

Humanities depreciate.                                         756


Our Mother Earth we fast ablate.

Wreck anything that’s half sensate.

Through telescopes we now spectate

and seek spheres where we can instate.                760


Our plan to build spacecraft peltate

and from our globe flee festinate;

in lengthy convoys we’ll tailgate

to find new orbs to mutilate.                                 764



Step Out into the Light 


In Plato's cave we congregate

and arrogantly overstate

that we're this planet's top primate

to rule all things both small and great.  768



             It’s time we seek a new template.  


              © Charles Rocco 2018       


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