We The People

Rhyme Without Reason




We The People... Rhyme Without Reason explores the fragile state of a 21st century civilisation less than adequately undertaking its responsibilities as a global guardian, competently and compassionately overseeing the welfare of this planet and all its inhabitants.


Inspired by five main thoughts:


Firstly, The Allegory of Plato’s Cave. If you are unfamiliar with the

Allegory of Plato’s Cave you will find an excellent summary at:

Anam Lodhi @ Thoughts and Ideas


Secondly, German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s proposition

that our world is “the best of all possible worlds”.


Thirdly, Voltaire’s satirical refutation of Leibniz’s belief

is seen through the actions of Pangloss in Candide.


Fourthly, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”,

the intro to Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, which suggests a world

of radical opposites existing contemporaneously.


Fifthly, Bernard Malamud’s quote from his 1963 novel Dubin’s Lives:

“If your train’s on the wrong track every station you come to is the wrong station.”


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In Plato's cave we congregate

content to be the top primate.

Our own self-worth we overstate.

In light of day, we're not so great.

Part 1: Fundamentals

000 Prolifex (reproduction)

049 Progeny (offspring)

105 Insides Out (ingesting)

141 Tents and Temples (shelter)

213 Mammon's Mantra


Part 2: Infrastructures

241 Leaden Leaders (governance)

281 Applied Energy (work)

325 Mediacrity (the media)

413 In Practice (law and order)


Part 3: Global Interaction

461 Planet Plunder (environment)

533 Ends to Means (global conflict)


Part 4: Transitions

613 Soul Salve (belief systems)

675 Curling Up (dying)

743 Candide's Lament

765 Step Out into the Light

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Part 1: Fundamentals

Prolifex (reproduction)


It’s in our genes to fornicate.

A pleasure we much advocate.

We have great need to illustrate

capacity to captivate.



Our aura we exaggerate

and private parts we depilate.

Ply creams so skin won’t corrugate

and blemishes don’t replicate.



Wield loofahs to exfoliate.

Add rich scents to infatuate.

With baubles bright that pendulate

in efforts to become ornate.



From heads protrude our ears lobate.

With pins and studs we can punctate.

Dangle earrings from orbs prolate.

The same both sides to counterweight.



And draped across our omoplate,

gold necklaces with charms lunate.

On fingers, stones of silicate

that jewellers facet and serrate.



Wristlets the size of a vamplate

enhance the task to self-decorate.

To bed we go with lustful gait.

We're ready now to titillate.



We pucker up and osculate,

agreeing to inseminate.

Fast comes the time to penetrate.

We clinch secure and consummate.



When swimming sperm capacitate

the female seed can germinate.

A nine-month sentence to gestate

in warm dark caves that incubate.



The bulging tummy we palpate

and feel a being palpitate.

The swollen breasts start to lactate.

New life begins to maturate.



With great success we procreate.

Hold lovingly our neonate

and back slap to congratulate

the ease with which we propagate.



Though if we’re gay instead of straight

or just prefer to masturbate,

men can their penis elongate

and harmlessly ejaculate.



Or women can the hips gyrate

and with a dildo self-vibrate.

Then sperm and eggs stay inchoate

and children don’t proliferate.


Progeny (offspring)


Us kids that do eventuate

wave chubby fingers digitate.

Our little feet folks titivate.

We squirm and squeal and cachinnate.



Our parents note each unique trait

and each one they enumerate.

Our comfort they facilitate.

Their lives to us they dedicate.



Our first names we abbreviate.

For Katerina call me Kate,

Ignatius is condensed to Nate

or Iggy should you be a mate.



Our birth records they laminate.

Our nurseries they constellate.

Against most germs they vaccinate.

They’re thorough to inoculate.



We each become a state inmate.

We’re sent to schools that educate,

though some would say indoctrinate,

and with peers we confederate.



Chrome braces for our mouths dentate.

To stop decay we fluoridate.

Pains our mums ameliorate,

abrasions they iodinate.



Each year we grin for our portrait

to document our fast growth rate.

Fad diets to control our weight,

replace sugar with cyclamate.



For culture one trip to the Tate.

In sport some bones we dislocate.

Take tests teachers invigilate

and learn how to procrastinate.



In English told to lucubrate,

instructed when to hyphenate,

in math we’re taught to tabulate

and times-tables ingeminate.



Learn languages we mistranslate,

in history events that predate,

in chemistry lixiviate,

in music how to syncopate.



Boys weird out with skulls cucullate.

For A.D.D. we medicate.

Stray cats we like to lapidate.

Frail weaklings we excruciate.



Meanwhile young girls start to pupate

till we emerge as ripe jailbait.

By twelve it’s time to menstruate.

For forty years we’ll ovulate.



Safe sex pamphlets elucidate

about how we should conjugate.

Our parents we alienate.

We seek to individuate.



Into adults we’ll graduate

and in most ways just imitate

the homes where we originate,

so, cycles thus perpetuate.




Insides out (ingesting)


Monosodium glutamate

in most foods that we masticate.

Our drinks the makers caffeinate.

We think this will rejuvenate.



It doesn’t take a diplomate

to know we shouldn’t drink phosphate.

Don’t smoke, detox, decaffeinate;

use diets that desalinate.



With good food we capacitate.

Eat badly, we dilapidate.

Food oils we hydrogenate.

Kill fungi with Merthiolate.



When wanting to exhilarate

it’s common to intoxicate

with alcohols that lubricate...

fermented from the vines baccate.



But after all we drank and ate

we ingest much bicarbonate.

As stomach ulcers aggravate

our mouth glands start to salivate.



We loudly belch and flatulate.

Cascades we then regurgitate.

Leave puddles where we urinate

then wait in queues to defecate.



In slurred speech we alliterate.

Our throbbing dull heads acerbate.

For fast relief we aspirate

a few breaths of amyl nitrate.



We pop some pills to stimulate

nerve systems to accelerate.

We like to soar and elevate

to worlds beyond those of our fate.



Or search for something to sedate

and help us to eradicate

the demons we hallucinate

in darkened realms within our pate.





Tents & Temples (shelter)


The social structures we create,

clear boundaries delineate.

The rich from poor will insulate

in regions of prime real estate.



We’re safe behind a stately gate.

Steel bars the craftsmen lanceolate.

With rich motifs they foliate:

in copper they electroplate.



Stone columns on a stylobate

accent façades we crenellate.

High towers we can fenestrate

and ramparts we machicolate.



Our in-ground pools we chlorinate.

Twee gardens caretakers curate.

Our worries just evaporate

as guests, in awe, felicitate.



Our riches help us levitate,

to heights where we luxuriate

in rooms of marble and glazed slate

that chandeliers irradiate.



The unwelcome can’t infiltrate

these lavish chateaus Latinate

where decorators floriate

and fresh brewed coffees percolate.



These palaces instantiate

the wealth that we accumulate.

A life of lords we simulate.

No way will we die intestate.



Our money we can fecundate:

to own the best, ours to dictate.

This role we will not abdicate.

Our comforts we’ll not abnegate.



On holidays we aviate

to beaches where we estivate.

Lounge in the sun with our comate.

Relax so we don’t herniate.



But those who can’t participate

towards middle class will gravitate.

To drab suburbs we’ll relocate:

submissively assimilate.



We dutifully domesticate

and fence disputes we arbitrate;

to mortgages capitulate

and on consumer goods fixate.



Devotedly we renovate.

Appliances predominate.

In heated spas we macerate

and hope we’ll never liquidate.



In slums, the poorer populate;

exposed to rents that strangulate.

Cold flats where heat don’t radiate

and bleak nights make breath condensate.



We ask landlords to fumigate:

the vermin to exterminate.

In pantries roaches nauseate

and filthy rats intimidate.



From noise the walls reverberate.

The neighbours’ fights reiterate.

The airless hallways suffocate.

Five door locks we must situate.



Still worse, we that itinerate;

our shelters we’ve had to vacate.

Soup kitchens graciously donate

the hot meals we ingurgitate.



Most druggies cannot motivate

enough to rehabilitate.

Drunks find it hard to moderate

a fondness to inebriate.



And on the streets gangs demarcate,

select turfs and consolidate.

New members we initiate.

Trespassers we assassinate.




Mammon’s Mantra (finance)


Small industries amalgamate

and streamlined now we operate:

outsource, downsize and automate.

Competition we obliterate.



From this, huge profits emanate.

Stockholders hail the chief magnate:

a demigod we adulate

although he’s found to peculate.



Since companies self-regulate

their price tags tend to escalate

which leaves us all to contemplate

outstanding debts as they inflate.



Big chain stores have funds to regrate

which helps us to potentiate.

False bargains interpenetrate

consumers who desiderate.



Some financiers prognosticate

on spending we should concentrate,

but others strongly intimate

it makes more sense to curb the spate.



On markets, punters speculate;

hope dividends quadruplicate.

A windfall we anticipate.

Our surplus needs we satiate.



Though if the bank should designate

we’ve nothing to hypothecate

we need not rant and get irate.

Bankruptcy we can auspicate.





Part 2: Infrastructures


Leaden Leaders (governance)


As leaders, we just barely rate.

We narrowly habilitate.

By any means we dominate

with cover-ups like Watergate.



To rule supreme our one mandate.

Each one of us a potentate.

The world is ours we estimate.

The good that’s done we then negate.



With colleagues we collaborate,

but treat the rest like excess freight.

We bully and manipulate

and choose not to negotiate.



Our custom to prevaricate:

an instinct in our genes innate.

Deception is a skill connate.

For these sins we will not lustrate.



A lot of crap we fabricate,

reality we obfuscate,

the vital facts we expurgate

and falsehoods we enunciate.



Unbridled greed we instigate.

Vast funds we misappropriate.

We take, but fail to compensate.

These acts we always exculpate.



In question time equivocate

and with straight faces nuncupate.

Ignore those who interpellate.

Long-term goals we abominate.



The voters we conciliate.

At conferences confabulate.

Amendments we intercalate.

In question time we hibernate.



Opposing thoughts, we denigrate,

though like minds we can tolerate.

We love those who ingratiate

and help us to re-nominate.



Two fingers high that bifurcate

from all the crowds that execrate

this growing global feudal state

where overlords officiate.




Applied energy (work)


All creatures that are vertebrate

must work until lungs crepitate.

The weekly grind we punctuate

with weekends that invigorate.



In fair times we could federate

in unions that would regulate

and make the bosses obligate

to wage scales, we would help prorate.



If wronged we could expostulate

and sweat shops we’d inactivate

until the bosses expiate

and profits fairly integrate.



As populations pullulate

and work places de-regulate

employers we propitiate;

the paymaster, a cold cheapskate.



We now closely approximate

the slaves we used to castigate.

Our hands from hard work vesicate.

Taskmasters we calumniate.



Our pay packets we calibrate

so, debt we don’t exacerbate

and bankers can’t expropriate

possessions that we aggregate.



We hope that we can compensate

our incomes with a tax rebate

to partially alleviate

the bottom lines we rubricate.



Employment ads fantasticate.

Remunerations they misstate.

Make false claims and interpolate.

The overtime they understate.



Those of us that matriculate

hope that we’ll be a candidate

for jobs that we associate

with offices that coruscate.



Superb CV’s we paginate;

at interviews excogitate.

Our strengths we strongly iterate

and loyalty we predicate.



The unemployed in lines rotate.

We’ve exceeded our use-by-date.

This puts us in a dire strait.

Our self-worth it can vitiate.




Mediacrity (the media)


Airheads like to uncomplicate.

Our brain mass we choose to deflate;

elated to decerebrate;

delighted to decorticate.



We’ve no need to sophisticate.

We’re happy with our heads hastate.

From branch to branch we brachiate

and treat life like a gala fête.



The media all syndicate

In hopes ratings will triplicate.

Hyperboles we circulate.

Reality we underrate.



Truth, at times, we annihilate.

In-depth news we abbreviate,

complex facts we adulterate,

and skewed views we disseminate.



On gossip we exuberate.

Paparazzi we remunerate.

Remarks we can’t substantiate

bring libel suits to litigate.



Our minds we tend to passivate.

With partial news we corroborate

what we choose to communicate

to friends with whom we ideate.



For hours we can vegetate;

in front of screens our eyes dilate.

Gulp down beers we refrigerate

then to the loo to micturate.



With TV sport we recreate.

When our team scores we much elate.

But should it lose we fulminate

so much we hyperventilate.



Late breaking news will indicate

infernos that incinerate,

hot lava flows that granulate,

skyscrapers that disintegrate.



The internet’s a place to skate.

This labyrinth can fascinate.

A billion sites concatenate

while trying to dissimilate.



Towards sex sites we can deviate;

watch all and sundry copulate.

In skin flicks sadists flagellate

or on a face expectorate.



View sites where porn stars personate;

perform sex acts that consternate.

Contortions that necessitate

the Karma Sutra to translate.



Finger nails girls variegate.

With flair and poise they exuviate.

Seductive lips they miniate

imply they’re happy to fellate.



To further help our glands pulsate

on social sites we acclimate.

With words we can impersonate;

be anyone we stipulate.



No one need know we’re overweight

or suffer from a weak prostate.

Ourselves on-line we re-create

without the flaws our friends berate.



Our strengths we can accentuate

without need to authenticate.

These strangers to whom we narrate

will never meet us tête-a-tête.



As bloggers we can validate

views that others repudiate.

On points of fact pontificate

and generally, just ventilate.



Our hard disks over-populate

with games designed to scintillate.

Their hardness levels we gradate:

some easy, some infuriate.



Into strange scenes we immigrate

where avatars peregrinate.

We meet fierce foes sent to frustrate.

Our goal is to reciprocate.



These scoundrels we must obviate,

but countless duels end in stalemate.

To cyber-hell we relegate

slain zombies who then duplicate.



When losing we vociferate

and seek to disaffiliate.

We check the scores to correlate

then shun the game and terminate.



It’s hard to differentiate

what’s real and what we just conflate.

Our lives just seem to emulate

the fiction we prefabricate.




In practice (law and order)


Our legal systems formulate

that law and order permeate.

Authorities investigate.

With victims we commiserate.



False clues often exasperate,

mistakenly may implicate,

but new facts then illuminate;

those wrongly charged they vindicate



As villains we’re invertebrate.

Our skills we overestimate.

In flawed plans we miscalculate

and leave clues that incriminate.



Escapes we must precipitate

and so, we fast flee interstate.

Our lairs police triangulate

to capture and incarcerate.



Appointed is a magistrate

to manage and adjudicate

with ranks of lawyers to debate

and juries to incorporate.



So, trials we co-ordinate.

Grave charges we effectuate.

The purpose is to criminate

the lawbreakers we derogate.



Next prosecutors postulate

the prisoner is a reprobate

and further we insinuate

he’s only good for fishing bait.



Defence then tries to demonstrate

some factors that extenuate.

The jury must appreciate

this miscreant’s a retardate.



In closing, lawyers inculcate

the jury to exonerate.

But prosecutors perorate

a guilty verdict, actuate.



The twelve jurors then sequestrate.

We’re told not to discriminate;

the gory details explicate

and evidence evaluate.



Behind closed doors we altercate;

decide the fate of this ingrate.

The heinous crimes we quantitate.

The rights from wrongs we calculate.



For hot tea breaks we impetrate.

All facts we recapitulate.

Choose one to intermediate;

the verdict to articulate.





Planet plunder (environment)


Whole forests we defoliate.

Grand old-growth trees chainsaws truncate.

Our lush wetlands we desiccate.

Green grasslands we deracinate.



With muck our rivers constipate.

Our reservoirs now exsiccate.

Vast oceans we contaminate.

Once pristine lakes coagulate.



Hectares of woods we conflagrate,

replaced with fields we irrigate

and grossly over-cultivate

to grow peas that we dehydrate.



Our farms we supersaturate

with kilos of superphosphate,

encourage plants to pollinate,

but spray so they don’t verminate.



Huge dams cause valleys to hydrate.

These lakes now form a new substrate

where bees no longer bombilate

and birds cannot nidificate.



The polar ice shelves fractionate.

Warm air won’t let them regelate.

For fur, seals we excoriate

in numbers that depopulate.



In jungles hunters ambulate

and rifle sites we collimate.

The loud shots discombobulate;

rare beasts we incapacitate.



Huge schools of fish we desquamate,

we fillet and we decollate.

Their egg sacs we evaginate:

indulge ourselves on roe ovate.



Crustaceans with claws serrulate

are dredged up by the hundredweight.

Then cooked ’til pink, cookbooks notate.

Their limbs we disarticulate.



Grain fed pigs we eviscerate.

Their limbs and head we obtruncate

The unctuous lard, machines quadrate.

Pork crackling, we decrepitate.



The cries of sheep arpeggiate.

We slaughter and exsanguinate.

The meat with herbs we impregnate.

For warmth their wool we flocculate.



Plump poultry we decapitate.

Their eggs we transilluminate.

Internal glands we levigate;

chopped liver pâté on a plate.



Tame cattle herds we decimate.

Our feet their skins encapsulate.

The meat in wine we marinate

then char it on a barbie grate.



Leeched soils slowly salinate.

Our drinking water we filtrate.

The air fouled with particulate

from gases that we generate.



The green groups that we delegate

to save, restore and depurate,

with vigour they expostulate

and on our wrongs expatiate.



Developers conglomerate

and politicians defalcate.

Protection bills are edentate.

Their strength to change we overrate.



It’s right to decontaminate.

Polluters: disincorporate.

But tricky to vaticinate

when that age we’ll denominate.



Much wildlife we devastate

as habitats attenuate.

Extinction rates we festinate.

All sanctity we violate.




Ends to means (global conflict)


Around the world we navigate,

inclined to want to subjugate.

Those allied we legitimate.

The others we vituperate.



Endless treaties to seriate

as our alliances fluctuate.

When all else fails we spoliate

with swarms of weapons sagittate.



Satellites circumnavigate

with solar panels aureate.

Antenna clusters decussate

at altitudes that de-aerate.



Our job to disambiguate

and sovereign states impenetrate

in order to predestinate

how best our foes to urticate.



In vales that gently undulate,

in forests where winds susurrate,

in streets that pavers tessellate

we have no qualms to militate.



In deserts where winds triturate,

in fields canals reticulate,

in lands oceans peninsulate

we’re likely to extravagate.



Our missiles poised to extirpate.

All life, with death, we saturate.

The past we foully desecrate.

The future we appropriate.



Despite how much some remonstrate

we force our foes’ lives to mutate.

Dear valuables we confiscate.

The hearts and minds we lacerate.



Surreptitiously we jugulate.

The innocent we inculpate.

Reward those that tergiversate

and those that don’t we immolate.



Mass graves the tractors excavate.

Distorted corpses in a crate.

Still, others in the dirt prostrate:

our bodies bullets perforate.



Shocked parents yowl and ululate;

their children’s screams full resonate,

at least those that resuscitate.

The rest authorities cremate.



Crushed prisoners we interrogate,

we prod and poke and fustigate.

The enfeebled we emasculate

just purely to humiliate.



In dark cells souls etiolate.

Such actions families deprecate.

We plead, but captors objurgate

with no desire to placate.



Appendages are placed pronate

and currents through them commutate.

Then once allowed to transmigrate

each soul becomes a runagate.



The conquerors self-coronate

and place upon a stereobate

stone statues to commemorate

their triumph to dissimulate.



The victors’ actions indurate

the hearts of those who emigrate.

Our loathing we’ll not modulate

nor with these raiders mediate.



So, refugees expatriate.

Passports officials annotate.

We hope that at some future date

we exiles can repatriate.



Some stateless won’t habituate

and choose to dissociate:

displaced, forced to evacuate,

clandestinely perambulate.



Of those some will retaliate;

procure potassium nitrate

and timers that can detonate

homemade bombs meant to deflagrate.



Vengeance we premeditate

and gracelessly recriminate.

We’re not inclined to sublimate.

We’re maggots that engorge on hate.






Soul salve (belief systems)


We’ve ample gods to venerate

who don’t much help us mitigate

transgressions that we perpetrate:

the evils that we machinate.



Whatever faiths we nominate

have sacred laws we promulgate

and rituals we orchestrate

in temples that we consecrate.



For help, to gods we invocate.

In chorus skyward, we phonate.

Our ills we pray to palliate.

Of ancient times we’re derivate.



Good Catholics transubstantiate.

Our God divine we trifurcate.

In churches we conglobulate.

The Testaments we indagate.



The Pope lives in his city-state.

Archbishops wield rods uncinate.

These chaste men of the First Estate

reluctant to impropriate.



Profane we excommunicate,

The zealot strives as an oblate.

From Protestants we segregate

because they consubstantiate.



Jews are the chosen, we orate.

Observe laws of the rabbinate.

Once baby boys attain day eight

Their pink foreskins we amputate.



Towards Mecca Muslims supplicate.

The Qur’an we transliterate.

Obey codes of the Imamate.

A kaleidoscopic caliphate.



All Buddhists calmly meditate.

Round prayer wheels circumambulate.

Protesting monks self-immolate:

consuming flames asphyxiate.



Hindus seek to reincarnate.

A wealth of gods we animate.

At Thaipusam we celebrate.

Bad karma’s bound to ruinate.



Zoroastrians to fire relate.

Quakers prefer to rusticate.

To Taoists opposites equate.

Hari Krishnas tintinnabulate.



Rastafarians all cantillate

that Selassie is God incarnate.

Fundamentalists don’t innovate.

With nature Wiccans affiliate.



Astrologers read charts stellate.

Black Pagans tend to imprecate.

Good witches mix up mithridate.

Empaths seek spirits discarnate.



Creationists all intonate

and piously asseverate

God, from clay, did agglutinate

the man from whom we’re all agnate



Charismatics in tents jubilate.

Agnostics for hard proof we wait.

J’s Witnesses just irritate

with door knocking that won’t abate.



And Atheists extrapolate,

The universe is insensate.

Religions only dissipate

our skills to ratiocinate.




Curling up (dying)


In time old age will inundate.

Our bodies it will antiquate.

Vitalities deactivate,

Decay fails to de-escalate.



Employment we must abrogate.

Our positions bosses subrogate.

We’re made to superannuate.

Sent home where we deteriorate.



When young we fail to cogitate

at some point we will culminate.

To think we might decelerate;

beyond us to deliberate.



Thought processes degenerate.

Ideas fragment and divagate.

Confusing notions agitate.

A focused view we can’t locate.



Yet further still we enervate.

Spent legs inclined to vacillate.

From side to side our spines librate.

To stand we need a strong helpmate.



Translucent skins become bullate.

Green crusty scabs appear crispate.

Landscapes of pimples pustulate.

Thick yellow liquids suppurate.



Internal leaks of exudate

as white blood cells extravasate.

Bruised tired eyelids nictitate.

Blurred cloudy eyes obnubilate.



Flawed organs deoxygenate.

Dry scaly windpipes ulcerate.

We sound like snakes that sibilate

and grasshoppers: they stridulate.



Dim hearts commence to fibrillate

so, doses doctors metricate

in quantities we manducate

to help our thin blood inspissate.



On screens our life signs oscillate.

From wires we can’t separate.

Both forearms pale and supinate

are pierced with needles subulate.



Our bedside nurses imbricate

a host of charts that adumbrate

while guts, surgeons invaginate

and arteries inosculate.



Facilities they sanitate.

Lungs, plastic tents oxygenate.

Down our throats doctors intubate.

The rot they try to isolate.



Still further we debilitate.

No known cure will emancipate.

On what has passed we ruminate.

To change things now is way too late.



Blood relatives don’t hesitate

to make the point that they’re cognate.

They want the sick to die testate

and gift all assets at probate.



Detached physicians dissertate

as final stages depredate.

For paddles they gesticulate,

one last try to defibrillate.



There’s no chance we’ll recuperate.

No way will we regenerate

and awesomely eliminate

the ailments that emaciate.



Accept raw facts; we’re in checkmate.

All thoughts of life subordinate.

From mortal coils extricate.

The humming flatlines liberate.



Candide’s lament


We dance in circles, hands palmate,

like marionettes with heads nutate.

Opinions we’re loathe to update;

spewed out in public tongues vulgate.



Our world view we pixelate.

Those different we invalidate.

Those like us we accommodate;

reluctant to desegregate.



Resistant to acculturate

and biases deconcentrate.

False gods we don’t deconsecrate.

Humanities depreciate.



Our Mother Earth we fast ablate.

Wreck anything that’s half sensate.

Through telescopes we now spectate

and seek spheres where we can instate.



Our plan to build spacecraft peltate

and from our globe flee festinate;

in lengthy convoys we’ll tailgate

to find new orbs to mutilate.




Step out into the light


In Plato’s cave we congregate

content to be the top primate.

Our own self-worth we overstate.

It’s time we seek a new template.