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I’ve always maintained a belief in the importance of the integration of institutional education with practical workplace experience. As such, I’ve pursued a balance between my activities as an educator, an administrator, and a practicing artist endeavoring to see life as an experience to be undertaken with energy and a sense of adventure. This is why I’ve chosen a lifestyle that allows me to interact flexibly within a variety of cultural and social settings.



2018 to present


Exploring and developing techniques and processes of 3D Printing.


2013 to 2018


 Primates in Plato's Cave was conceived and developed over several years to support one of my major sculpture exhibitions regarding the fragile state of a 21st century civilisation less than adequately undertaking one of its primary responsibilities as a social guardian compassionately overseeing the welfare of its citizens and the environment.



Smart Artz Gallery, East Melbourne.

Melbourne Art Show, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.



Moving Galleries and Creative Spaces WIYIM posters on Melbourne Metro Transit carriages.

Smart Artz Gallery, East Melbourne.


2004 to 2008

Span Galleries (solo), Melbourne.

Contemporary Sculpture Association (solo), Melbourne.



Herons Gallery (group), Castlemaine.



Private commission work.



Span Galleries (solo), Melbourne.



Span Galleries, (solo), Melbourne.

Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne.


1998 to 1999

Span Galleries (solo), Melbourne.



Melbourne International Festival.

Dairing Gallery (solo), Richmond.

Linden Gallery (group), St. Kilda.

Roar Galleries (solo), Fitzroy

Moomba Festival Float, Melbourne.

Tintern GGS (group), Ringwood East.



Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne.

Tintern GGS (group), Ringwood East.

Roar Galleries (solo), Fitzroy.



Roar Galleries (solo), Fitzroy.

Foy and Gibson Gallery (group), Collingwood.

Spencer Street Station (group), Melbourne.

Caulfield Grammar Art Show (group), Wheelers Hill.

Grand Central Gallery (solo), Melbourne.

National Sculpture Forum (group), Canberra.



Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne.

Caulfield Grammar Art Show (group), Wheelers Hill.

Cultural Development Gallery, (group) Southbank.

Caulfield Arts Complex (group), Caulfield.



Castillia Galleries (group), Selby.

Melbourne University (group), Melbourne.

Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne.

Roar Galleries (group), Fitzroy.

Arts Victoria Gallery (group), South Melbourne.

Tintern GGS (group), Ringwood East.



No Vacancy Gallery (solo), Melbourne.

World Trade Centre (2 person show), Melbourne.

World Congress Centre (2 person show), Melbourne.



Friends of the Earth Gallery (2 person show), Fitzroy.

Doncaster Art Gallery (2 person show), Doncaster.



UN Conference on Human Settlement (group photo), Montreal.



Melbourne Town Hall (group photo), Melbourne.



Museum Negara (group jewellery), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.




1992 to present

Full time practice of art.


1990 to 1992


Mask Magazine (Education Journal), Victorian Association of Drama in Education, Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia.

Lecturer (sessional):

Arts Education Methodology, Language, Literacy and Arts Education Department, Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia.


1990 to 1994

Teacher Year 12 VCE Art:

Northern Metropolitan TAFE, University High Adult Evening School campus, Parkville, Melbourne, Australia.


1982 to 1990


Visual and Performing Arts Faculty, Whitefriars College, Donvale, Victoria, Australia.


1980 to 1981


N.S.W. Regional Art Gallery at Broken Hill, New South Wales.

Deputy chairperson (elected post):

Regional Galleries Association of N.S.W., Sydney, N.S.W.,Australia.


1979 to 1980

Education Officer:

Council of Adult Education - The Arts Train travelling rural workshops, Weekend Workshops, and the Summer Metropolitan Arts programs, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


1977 to 1978


Tusbab Provincial High School, Madang, Papua New Guinea.

Artifacts collector:

Ramu River region of Madang Province, Papua New Guinea.


1974 to 1976

Head of Department:

Media Studies, Huntingdale Technical School, Oakleigh South, Victoria, Australia.


1972 to 1973


Jewellery/Silversmithing and Photography, Fine and Applied Arts Faculty, Institiut Teknoloji Mara, Shah Alam, Malaysia.


1968 to 1972

Bachelor of Arts in applied arts and teaching certification:

Kean University (formerly Newark State College), Union, New Jersey, United States.






Residence by Thomas Hamel. Publisher: Hardie Grant Books 2010: pg 95.



Top Art and Food: Art and Eatery Guide – Melbourne, by Carole Bois de Chesne. Carole Bois de Chesne Design Pty. Ltd.



Warrandyte Artists Video Production by Ann Keil-Taggart.



Getaway (July), GTV9, Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science Centre.



Contemporary Art Slide Education Resource by Sandra Ristway



Melbourne – Our City, Our Culture by Julia Church, Hyland House.



An Intrinsic Fantasy, Video by Don Hawkins, Midnight Productions.





Who’s Who of Australian Visual Artists.



Who’s Who in the Commonwealth.



UN Certificate of Photographic Achievement.

Australian Photographic Society Award.




“Your crucifix here is the centrepiece of all and is regarded with awe by most parishioners and visitors alike… people remark how poignant is the experience.”

Fr. Barry Caldwell, Eltham Parish, April 2003.


“… sculpture of amazing lightness described as spiders’ webs and computer-enhanced robots… lifelike forms that many artists would regard as armatures ready to receive wax or clay for the next stage of their fabrication. Intriguing.”

Jeff Makin, Herald Sun Arts Review, May 22, 2000.


“Rocco doesn’t deconstruct the conventions of portraiture. In some works, the connection with portraiture is evasive, but it’s the sculpture that conveys the presence of an identity.”

Robert Nelson, THE AGE, September 6, 1995.


“The mesh sculptures suggest computer generated imagery and will give the Arts Complex a stronger sense of identity and community focus.”

T. Rollison, Director – Caulfield Arts Complex, 1994.


“One of the most challenging, energetic, dynamic and unusual exhibitions we’ve hosted.”

J. Blakey, Director – Doncaster Gallery, August 1991.